Unlock your soul's potential and step into your full power.


Receive healing, guidance and life enhancing tools and resources that will transform your life.



Are you ready to cease the opportunity to learn who you truly are perhaps for the first time ever?
Are you fed up with negative recurring patterns in your life and ready to take steps to heal the root cause?
Are you seeking to move closer toward the destiny of your soul path?
Well, get ready for accelerated healing and self-empowerment with the Soul Lit Life program.

A Soul Expressed: What is your soul expression and are you allowing it to shine through?


Highlights of the Soul Lit Life sessions:

  • Healing of past wounds for accelerated soul advancement
  • Teaching, guidance, and resources for lifelong application and growth
  • Mind/Body exercises to harmonize all aspects of your being.

What does it mean to live a Soul Lit Life? 

A soul-lit life is one that is lived in alignment with the life path your soul charted out for you. It is the art of living "wholy you," a more integrated, enriched and enlightened version of you. To live a soul lit life is to allow your inner light and wisdom be your guiding force, your compass as you navigate the world.

With the guidance and healing you receive from Karen you are able to unlock your soul’s potential, to go beyond the limiting constraints of a conventional life and to tap into the wellspring of your deeper knowing for a more illuminated and empowered life.

Your soul is yearning to express the fullness of its being. It desires healing, connection, and expansion. The sequence of sessions Karen has developed for Soul Lit Life is a comprehensive one that integrates the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual aspects of our human make-up to harmonize them through healing.

Healing and guidance are what I need.

The Soul Lit Life program is for you if:

You have a knowing that there is more to this life but not sure what that is.

You are seeking a deeper meaning and purpose to life as well as a yearning to connect with a higher aspect of yourself.

You have a driving desire to know the life path your soul laid out for you.

You are looking for healing on a soul level and across lifetimes.

You have recurring patterns of behaviour that are not serving you.

You feel like chronic physical, mental, or emotional pain are keeping you from your full potential.

Yes, the program's for me.

You are responsible for safeguarding your soul.

The Soul Lit Life program provides the tools and the means to heal and transform your life into the one you desire.

I'm ready for transformation.

Your Responsibility - My Guidance

What makes me qualified to accompany on your transformation journey? I spent years going through the motions of life. Like the majority of people on the planet I wasn’t taught about the deeper reason for our existence. I had to stumble upon it much too late in life. I want others to discover their divine nature and reason for being without having to wade through the sea of well-intentioned but misleading offerings out there. I’ve been there and the sea is deep and can wash you away beyond your intended destination.

In my TEDx talk, “Your Highest Good,” I shared what Bonnie Ware, the author of “The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying, found in her inquiry into the topic. THE number one regret was, “I wished I’d had the courage to live the life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” What if we’re meant to be living a life, not only true to our self but true to our soul?

I am passionate about assisting others on their life journey - their hero’s journey. My transformative 15-year journey, which subconsciously started much, much earlier, and which continues still, has allowed me to acquire tools for the art of living in the wholeness of my being. I would like to share those tools with you for they are essential, and they are needed now at this very moment in time.

The Program at a Glance

The first weeks of the program are the catalyst for the work ahead. They lay the foundation for exponential growth. The program is directly informed by your Higher Self and Deep Subconscious, identities of your make-up that heretofore have been ignored, yet are the fundamental reason for your being, the way you react to the world around you. An attempt at any sort of personal growth without consulting these two aspects of the self as to what needs healing, or how to enhance your soul attributes would result in short-term gains at best. The Soul Lit Life program offers life-long transformation for those who are truly seeking to heal and to advance on the life path their soul has laid out for them.

A peek inside

I need this now!

Without healing advancing gracefully on you life path will be a struggle.

The Soul Lit Life program consists of 24 live “real time” sessions. Five of the sessions will be Holographic Memory Resolution sessions. Included in the program but exclusive of the 24 sessions are the following healing sessions which are done remotely with the outcomes shared at the following live call:

5 Deep Subconscious Trauma Resolution sessions

1 Higher Self Channeled session for guidance, support, and encouragement

6 Lightworker Healing Protocol Sessions for clearing your energy field and assisting with your karmic responsibility

Also included in the program is lifetime access to the Soul Lit Life membership group where you will receive further support and resources

How I facilitate your transformation.


The healing and the transformational life guidance that the Soul Lit Life, program offers is unparalleled in the field of life coaching. As your facilitator and guide throughout the program I partner with the Divine realm to ensure the work is protected and the highest level of healing can be obtained for my clients.

With compassion and non-judgment I listen deeply, empathetically, and with a sensitivity to the cross-cultural beliefs and values of each of my clients. I understand your deepest concerns and desires and together with your higher wisdom, individualized, holistic experiences are crafted to nurture and heal the soul and set you firmly on your desired life path.

I have been, (Divinely), guided to healing tools that work directly with the subconscious and deep subconscious mind. The effects of the healing are long lasting and cross-dimensional, as the healing is carried out at a soul level and over many lifetimes. This healing trickles up to the current life and enables the person to live a more empowered life. I facilitate this transformation.

My ability to present the big picture, to infuse an air of lightness despite the heavy nature of some of the work, and to do it all with a level of compassion that sees each of my clients for the Divine being that they are, is why my clients appreciate my work.

It is my duty to assist as many people as possible, including myself, in receiving healing and transforming their lives for the better. Healing is our destiny. We are ALL here to heal, and I am of your service.

I'd like to help you shine your light as bright as you possibly can.

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What my clients say


If you’re looking to do deeper work, I recommend you seek Karen’s expertise.

-Natasha K.


I will always be grateful to Karen for this deep insight which has changed my life. It truly was an awakening of the power within.

-Suzanne L.


With a clear explanation of Karen – a wonderful healer whose energy is pure with love, you can find things which seem to be abstract but very easy to understand.

-Linh N.

Soul Lit Life


6-Month Private Life Transformation Program

  • 5 Deep Subconscious Trauma Resolution sessions. Valued at $1,000USD
  • 1 Higher Self Channeled session for guidance, support, and encouragement. Valued at $275USD
  • 6 Lightworker Healing Protocol Sessions for clearing your energy field and assisting with your karmic responsibility. Valued at $1,050USD
  • 24 Private sessions. Valued at $2,928USD
  • 1 Lifetime Membership program. Valued at $396USD yearly.

Total Value = $6,109USD

Total Saved = $2,809USD


It is time to reclaim your birthright!

Apply for the program and receive a free 30-minute consultation.

Payment plan available.

If after 2 months you are not fully satisfied as to how the program is enhancing your life, feel free to request a refund. (Conditions apply).

You deserve sustained transformative healing so you can confidently walk your soul's path.


Receive unprecedented healing, guidance and resources for an illuminated and empowered "Soul Lit Life."