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Karen Gay

Hi, I'm Karen Gay

Creator of W.H.O.L.E.


This is my story


Growing up was simply that growing up. There wasn’t a lot of growing into. What I mean by that is, I went through the motions of my relatively sheltered life not learning that my soul had big plans for me, plans to fulfill an extraordinary destiny.

I was given a grace period, most of are, to explore the excitements of life, and to wallow in the sadness of it as well.

Most people continue living their lives according to cultural expectations, some are rebels, they buck the paradigm, they trail-blaze. That was me, and without realizing it I was a seeker.

I had simple aspirations, I thought they were simple, travel, explore the world. I landed in Asia and stayed 30 years. I have come to learn that I have Karmic ties to the region and it is there that a great deal of my karmic destiny played out. It was there that I had to grow into, step into the destiny and the legacy of my soul. It is there where I experienced my dark night, or shall I say, dark season of the soul. It is there that I started “growing into” my soul.

I quit my job, and started my holistic health practice. Trust and faith became my biggest sparring partners and I was often defeated and relinquished to fear. My clients became my greatest teachers and inspiration, evoking in me the desire to find more effective ways to serve and to help them heal. I embarked on a quest to find the root cause of dis-ease.

My research and education led to somatic healing modalities which I incorporated into my healing sessions. Helping clients release physical, and emotional pain with bodywork became my strength. My skills advanced even further with the understanding of the role of the deep subconscious mind as it relates to health. The deep subconscious mind is in fact the key determinant in one's well-being and it needs to be addressed and acknowledged for how it affects one's life. 

I have been, (Divinely), guided to healing tools that work directly with the subconscious and deep subconscious mind. The effects of the healing are long lasting and cross-dimensional, as the healing is carried out at a soul level and over many lifetimes.

It is my duty to assist as many people as possible, including myself, in receiving healing and transforming their lives for the better. Healing is our destiny. We are ALL here to heal, and I am of your service.

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