Learn about the mystical, miraculous nature of healing.


Gain the knowledge needed to help heal yourself and your loved ones. Receive life enhancing tools and resources that will transform your life.

Are you seeking insight to the mysterious, metaphysical nature of healing?
Are you on a path of gaining greater self-awareness through healing?
Are you in search of easy, yet highly effective self-help tools?
Are you yearning to know your soul purpose as well as that to the human collective?
Well, you've found yourself in the right place. The Meta-Quantum Physics of Healing course will lead you on to the path your soul has be directing you towards, the path of understanding your true nature, and how to heal in order to live your life to its fullest potential.

You are a quantum being.


In your heart you know this, it is what led you to this page.

Definition of Quantum: large, significant. Merriam-Webster, 2022.

Most of us would think it arrogant to consider our self "significant" in the grand scheme of things. We often question our place in the universe.

  • What if you could learn about the significant role you play in the fabric of our universe?
  • What if you could learn your purpose for being, and the purpose for all of humanity?
  • What would your life look like if you could learn these things, get healing for past traumas, learn how to do healing for yourself and others?
  • What would your life look life if you knew your destiny and lived your life in it's pursuit?

These things and more will be taught in the Meta-Quantum Physics of Healing course.

Course Outline 

Welcome to the course

Introduction to the course structure

Module One: A New Science

Module Two: Universal Law

Module Three: Spiritual Concept

Module Four: Universal Integration

Module Five: Holographic Experiencing

Module Six: Applied Learning

Module Seven: Summary/Reflection

Resource Library

Can't wait to dive in!

The Meta-Quantum Physics of Healing course is for you if:

You have deep curiosity about your purpose for being.

You are seeking to understand the underlying cause for your recurring physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual ailments.

You are searching for effective healing tools.

You would like to gain self-empowerment through a stronger body-mind-spirit connection.

You have a deep love for humanity and you desire its upliftment.

You have an innate knowing that there is more to our reality than you’ve been led to believe.


I need this course.

What my students say


I went to Meta-Quantum Physics of Healing workshop of Karen a year ago with the intention to find the way out of my depression at that time but after the workshop I have not only found that way but also have known many ways to improve the quality of my life and live this life to the fullest. In this workshop, you can find many techniques to heal yourself, to have better health or to feel the energy inside you, such as Qi gong or Jin Shin Jyutsu. With a clear explanation of Karen – a wonderful healer whose energy is pure with love, you can find things which seem to be abstract but very easy to understand. Meta-quantum physics of healing has changed my views, my thoughts and my attitude to life and helped me to have a stronger body, clearer mind and tranquil soul.

-Linh N.


I attended a workshop given my Karen that was an all-day course on how to empower oneself. We did many role acting exercises throughout the day and had very meaningful conversations, guided by Karen which helped all of the participants access very deep areas of trauma or distress. I will always be grateful to Karen for this deep insight which has changed my life. It truly was an awakening of the power within.

-Suzanne L.


I joined the Soul Lit Summer program with Karen and loved her tailored techniques and varied healing modalities. The Qi Gong 5 Elements components and HMR sessions have been integral to help me through my grieving process and balancing overall well-being.

-Natasha K.

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The Meta-Quantum Physics of Healing


More Than An Online Course

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Now is the time to come into the awareness of the truth of who you are, and the truth of our collective purpose.


Start learning the secrets to healing.